Gap between siding and shinges after roof work. Flashing missing?

We had the roof re-shingled a couple of months ago and today (went up to clean eavestrough) I see a gap between the siding and the roof that I don’t remember seeing before (might have been there prior but if so, it wasn’t this noticeable).!AgxfrM5X08-ar2HjQ7j3e1Pyzugw
Should I contact the roofing company about this? Or maybe it’s not a concern?


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I don’t see any flashing just a huge glob of sealant/mastic along the wall. Absolutely wrong get it fixed.

I t looks like there is metal siding over old wood siding.

It’s ugly but there was Probably (hopefully) flashing under the old wood siding that was reused.

What exactly did you expect them to do with this particular area, was it noted in the bid?

Yeah, I agree with what Axiom said. Was there more than one layer of old roofing removed? Its common to be left with an oversized gap like than when dealing with multi layer tear offs.

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Yeah, I see lots of caulk too. Not really their fault, a piece of metal can be made up to close the gap.

Thanks for your replies.
There was just the one layer removed.
No it doesn’t look like it was noted in the contract for this area. But I was surprised to see it as it is pretty ugly and noticeable. I suppose I could (should) DIY something.

I would install a piece of apron flashing slipped up behind the new siding.
It looks like a sag over by the end there and some nail pops on a shingle.
It may just be the camera angle.

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Op should get his roofer to do that.

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doesn’t appear to be any step flashing on the side wall either,should also have a diverter/kick out flashing there. Did ya go with the low bid?

Roofing looks fine.
But the siding job was crap.
They didnt install the siding low enough against the old siding and you are just now noticing it.
I also believe they didnt use any underlayment, housewrap, waterproofing behind that siding.
So that inside corner could be a problem in the future whenever there is a blowing rain heading into that corner.
But maybe not…

This is not code and should have been flashed .
At the very least it should have been brought to your attention along with option to have it done correctly.