Gazebo roof replacement question on Starting Comp

We have a pretty large Gazebo with a shake roof. We want to re-roof with Comp. I tore off the shakes, next are the slats which lay on plywood. These are challenging to get off without damaging the plywood but going slowly I think I can remove without destroying the plywood. This is the choice rather than adding on the extra weight to the structure.

After I have put down the under lament, how do I start? I do not have a straight up and down edge being the gazebo starts wide and goes up to the center. I saw one video online with a Technic starting in the center of each section and working out to the hips or do I start on the hip and go across, if so is there a calculation? Do the the shingles get cut along the hip with a cap?

The slope is not great but it is a gazebo, early on I thought perhaps starting on the backside and continuing around the pattern but I do not know how it would end and have decided this might end up looking horrible…I think I am correct here but throwing out to the experts…

Thanks for any information.


Best way to start a triangle is a center line.

Best way to start that is to pull you cell phone out and call a competent Roofer.

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Simple enough, pick a spot and start there. If it’s like most gazebos the sides aren’t to big.
Cut the shingles at the hips, and cap them.

Authentic_Dad hope you were trying to be funny, actually I spent about 5 years mostly hot tar roofing 30 years ago, I know what to do and what not to do without knowing. Not doing what you don’t know until you know is the battle, thanks for the sarcasm!

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The Gazebo is 17 feet across with a 4/12. The structure is built like a tank. Leaning towards going over the slats with lighter plywood then over with comp. Need to determine the whole weight aspect.

Still will stop by and discuss with a general manager in a roofing yard I worked at 30 years ago.


If you go over the lath with a layor of 1/2" cdx plywood it will not add considerable weight. Plywood would also prevent the proper sized fasteners sticking through and being viable from the underside if its viable like most gazibos .

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I wasn’t trying to be funny. A turret roof gazebo is rather difficult. I’m not sure how hot tar roofing relates other than you’re a hard worker. But best of luck.