General contractor blanket coverage

If the subcontractor is injured during the roofing work, the general contractor’s insurance will cover this medical cost or not? The subcontractor’s business scope isn’t related roofing definitely.

Thats a broad question. You should ask the carrier how the coverage is listed. Injury is workmans comp. I require any subcontractors to carry their own. If you understand GL, its based on gross.

The subcontractor doesn’t have a professional license. Their insurance can cover the injured cost due to roofing work?

I didn’t gotten a clear answer from the subcontractor’s insurance company. The insurance company just said that if you claim a case, then they will send an adjuster.

You should be dealing with the contractor. If I subcontract work, the contract with the sub is separate from my contract with the owner. Insurance audits always ask for proof of insurance from any subs. If they have none it is billed to me. If you hire someone, you must ask for proof of insurance and call to make sure it is valid/in force. If you don’t the claim goes against your homeowners insurance. If they won’t cover it, you are personally responsible.