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I am considering purchasing a house nearby. The asphalt roof seems to be in fine condition, and there is no documented history of an issue. It was last replaced in 2008. And yes, it will be inspected.

But I am generally curious … can someone ballpark the cost of a roof replacement? I know there are tons of calculators online, but they ask for pitch etc, and I understand that the cost in, say, New York will be different than in Colorado. But I am just looking for general 2020 “if I had to guess” numbers.

What would a general contractor say if asked to eyeball it … 3400 sq foot colonial (basic, nothing odd about the design), 1 chimney. Are we looking at <$15k … $20k+?

FYI - yes, I know it would be best to have a contractor stop by, but due to COVID and some recent storms in our area (these guys are backed up with work), I haven’t been able to get someone to even drive by the property to eyeball it.

Go outside, measure it as a rectangle, length and width. You can step it off if you don’t have a long tape, 3’ per stride. Multiply the two for flat square feet. Multiply by 1.25 as a best guesstimate to account for pitch. Multiply by $3.50 to get your ballpark estimate.


Authentic_Dad has a pretty good answer for you.

I am assuming the 3400 is your floor footage
And not your roof footage.
That is the first thing to figure out.

For instance, i live in “2000” sq foot home.
But my roof is 3300 sq ft.

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Thank you!!! Very helpful. Much appreciated