Generate Leads

Anyone have any good ideas for generating more leads? I was swamped from beginning of april until may and just got caught up. Unfortunately, I caught up quicker than expected and except for one more job and a few proposals out there, I got nothing going on.


How timely…

Contrary to some opinions here, I knock on doors. I love competitors who sit on their well, you know. I am rarely short of leads, but I discard at least 3 of 4 prospects who seem shaky.

knock doors.

I really don’t think there is any other way.

Hang tough. Follow up with those proposals you have not heard back from. Organize your tools and equiptement. It seems like when I feel a slow period coming it never lasts long. As long as you have been doing quality stuff,you will never be OUT of work. I like door hangers and church bulletin marketing personally.

I know a contractor that uses servicemagic.I don’t know how good he did with it since he had a poor reputation to begin with.I tried to get info and they call and bug the crap out of you just for inquiring.I just make it a point to create small talk everywhere I go and I give cards out.In the beginning about 15yrs ago I was shy about generating leads.,but in doing this it helped confidence.Join the NRCA,your local HBA,Habitat for humanity you’ll generate leads and be doing something positive…Its win,win lol

Turns out that the proposals I had out there got signed and am busy for awhile again.

Gary - I never have felt comfortable knocking doors. I think its rude and intrusive. Do you ever hire canvassers or have a set speech you give?

I am trying to come up with a form speech for door knocking myself. I hate doing it and have never had much success with it. I see and hear some guys that are good and I just don’t get how some of them sell anything.