Genflex warranty question

I’m new to this site. I’m currently bidding aganst a roofing job with genflex TPO - i’m using IB CPA/PVC… my price is way above the competition, and we do offer similar warranties… so sy question is about their warranties. If a new tpo system is installed this april '07, will it be warrantied? I heard they won’t accept any more warranty requests since firestone bought them out, and only existing installations are covered. I’ve searched your site as well as google, firestone and genflex sites (later one is permanently under construction, so i guess we will not see it for a while)… did not find any info besides the press release about the sale… You as a professionals might know more… if you do, it would be great… especially if you could send me some links.

PS, can TPO seams be put together with adhesive tape according to Genflex specs… i always thought TPO must be welded…

Thanks in advance,

tpo can be taped.yes it “should” be warrantied if installed by an approved contractor.