Gerard (now Boral) metal roof

I have a galvanized steel stone-coated Gerard shake roof attached to battens over plywood sheeting and felt underlayment. It was placed in 2002 by the only “Gerard-certified” roofer in my state of NC. I live just off of the intracoastal waterway in hurricane alley and felt this was a good choice because of wind resistance and aesthetics. I was happy with both. However within a couple of years, a persistent leak appeared in two areas during heavy rains so I had the installer come who “repaired it”. A year later more heavy rains, leaks, and an installer who was out of business. I contacted Gerard roofing (at the time) who claimed no liability because they suspected an installation problem. At no point was any installation oversight provided. Now, years later I have terminated any warranty recourse with the new owner of the Gerard name, Boral. They stonewalled for about a year, so I am stuck with replacing the roof with a 50 year warranty that is 16 years old. An inspection by a “Boral-certified” roofer recommended replacement. A section in one leak area was torn off. We found intensely accumulated leaves, construction debris, batten rot, fascia rot, many backed out nails with multiple nails missing. I am now retired and unable to afford to go back with a metal roof and wouldn’t even if I could afford it. I am now convinced after consulting with multiple roofers in my area and believe the Certainteed Presidential TL with starter, hip, and ridge shingles is the way to go. Since my roof is 72 sq, it will still be expensive, but weighs in at about a third of the cost of extruded standing seam (which is what I really wanted to do). I’m interested to hear comments about Gerard/Boral and the Presidential roof that I believe will fit my needs the best.

Sorry to hear about your issues. We regurarly have customers wanting the latest and greatest “50” year / lifetime new product. A 50 year warranty doesn’t mean anything if the company is out of buisness in 5 years. Slate and mechanically locked standing seam have been used for a thousand years with few changes. There is a reason for that, they are both time proven systems.

Presidential shake is a good product from, in my option, one of the best manafacturer in the market. Honestly if I was going to put a high end shingle on my house I would choose certainteed grand manor over presidential. Grand manor is a true double/triple laminate and a pretty much bulletproof shingle.

Thanks for your reply. I believe you may be right on the Grand Manor, but she (the other half of my brain) did not approve the aesthetics. Life is full of compromises. At this point in my life, a shingle life of 20 years will probably exceed mine. :pensive:

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The Certainteed Carriage house or Grand manor
Is bulletproof. That is for sure.

But has anyone tried to repair them before?
I have.
Not because they failed in any way.
But because of trying to tie-in a new flat roof into it. The shingles laughed at my flat bar…

If there are any tree limb overhang what so ever
That could damage the roof, i wouldnt recommend that shingle.

Use the Certainteed landmark Pro
Or Atlas Pinnacle which has a lifetime warranty against algae and streaking.

Certainteeds warranty against streaking is proven complete crap.

Certainteed landmark has a ten year warranty against streaking.
But starts streaking at year 6 like clock work.
I have a customer right Now who
Is emailing me about their ugly 9 1/2 year old roof… ugh