Geting permits for un licensed contractor,,,who pays tax?

that says it all .someone who is not licensed ( a freind) asked me to get a couple permits for them , roof, siding , bath, My question is, who ends up paying the tax ? Is there any way I could be screwing myself by getting this guy the permits ? will I end up owing ?comeon man ,its only a couple of permits!!! ???what do I do here…


Why would you do that?

Risk the way you support your family?

You are helping people not hire you?

Beside being fined by the state for associating with an unlicensed entity, being named in a lawsuit by the customer for any reason should he decide to sue your pal, and the code enforcement or osha slamming you on your friends behalf for violations… whats the worst that could happen?

I wouldnt. You are risking too much for that. He makes a mistake it looks bad on you. Not worth it at all.

The person who pulls the permit is the person who is ultimatly responsible. I wouldn’t if I was you. Let him do it.