Getting jobs

just looking for some tips on closing ,and getting more sales

Door knocking? Has anyone had any luck doing it?

any tips are appreciated


Well I tried calling all of the builders in my county’s chamber of commerce directory and sent them all information about my new company. I also stop at every new constuction site and give my business card. That has worked out a little better than the 1st option. I wouldn’t say that I am rolling in business as of yet. I guess I am in the same boat as you and looking forward to responses to your post.


Cold calling works. Did a lot of it in the begining. Hated every minute of it.

See a house that needs work. Go ask them for the job.

The local paper here has a services section and running an ad runs about 200 a month but it sure does bring in some work. Canvassing seems to work really well too. Going neighborhood to neighborhood and setting up an appointment to schedule a roof consultation seems to work really well once I get in the door. The key to it is becoming a certified installer at whatever company’s shingles you install. The sales rep from your supplier usually helps in getting you some excellent selling resources also especially Certainteed.