Getting new roof. Need opinion on systems below

Smart Vent, ridge vent and Humidistat fans
or ridge vent and sofit vents (no fans)
or Smart vent and ridge vent only. I have end holes on my attic (2 in one, 1 in the other).

I have a mold issue along with old roof and that is why I am replacing roof.


I would highly recommend the Airvent. It has external baffles and flows the best of all ridge vents. Many non bias studies have proven this. Of course you will also need soffit intake vents as well.

Here we go with the ventilation debate again, lol.

Our prferred method is: Baffled ridge vent (GAF snow country) along with Ever-flo eave vent.

I’d rather not use anything eletrical as it will require replacement sooner than later. The Ever-flo eave vent works from behind and under the gutter so there is no danger of ice or water infiltration.

Do you know why you have so much moisture in the attic in the first place? Ventilation is good for the attic, but it may not be the total answer to your problem.

To answer the question you need one intake source(i.e. smartvent or solfit vents) and one exhaust vent (baffeled) ridge vents or power vents. Do not mix any other way. I would cover the holes on the gable vents also. because there is a mold issue and you are in atlanta (a very warm climate) I would lean more towards the power fan, as this will move more hot air out of the attic. You also want to check to see that all bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are venting outside of the house and not in the attic. I think the smartvent would create more intake and be easier to install with a new roof


I would not replace the roof till you resolve the moisture issue.

The roof is not the problem.