Getting new shingles and it rained,have a leaking ceiling!

Hi just found this site because I’m unsure what to do.
Yesterday AFTERNOON the roofers showed up to reroof our home due to a previous hail storm. I thought it wasn’t right to start a job that late in the first place but I was at work and my wife was home.
When I got home at 7 they had all the shingles off the north side of our ranch style home. It gets dark here around 9 and those guys were up there in the total dark still pounding away at 930. I went to check on them "they looked to be migrant laborers but to my surprise had no light what so ever to work with. Not even something on the brim of thier hats. They quit about that time.
There was a 30% chance of thunderstorms and sure enough a small cell passed over at 2:30 am. And shortly after it started I could here dripping in our home! We have a tounge and groove ceder ceiling and there was water dripping from one of the pocket lights and about two feet away where two joints of cedar join together. Ther was also a spot where it was running down the wall from behind the trim. I called the construction company boss and he answered and I informed him of what was happening and he told me his workers had assured him it was water tight. I don’t know how they could know that since they were working in the dark!
I had to go to work at 5 am and it was still dark out so I’m not sure what they had put on up there. My question is what steps do I take now? Is this going to effect my insulation? my wood ceiling? the sheet rock on the walls? It wasn’t running out anywhere just dripping like every 15 seconds but its still wet where it has never been before. Our home is only 6 years old and is our pride and joy. Of course the construcion boss and i talked this morning on the phone since my wife said the workers were up on the roof early like 7 am. The boss had not been there yet but I was worried about them also roofing over wet felt and the like. I know nothing about roofing so thats why I googled my problem and it led me here. Any advise? He says he’ll take care of it “I’m not sure about that” I was thinking about getting a 3rd party in to maybe inspect out attic or something. What would you do?

Thanks so much and sorry for rambling on!


If the roof is leaking then it’s not water tight. In they case they need to come back out and secure the roof.

I’m not sure if they are competent. So have them do a water test when the roof is complete. Basically they’ll run the hose over certain sections of your roof for 15 minutes each. Be sure that they do the water test over valleys and all the flashing.

If anything begins to leak at least they’ll be able to fix it right away.

like my daddy used to say “dont tear off more than you can put back on”! :wink:

this is what happen when everybody with a mimum liberty insurance,policy and minum worker compensation policy and will work for $40 dollars a sq , have the roof checked by a 3th person anouther roofer or home inspector. and do not pay a cent more in till all damage is repaired and i would have anouther contractor to do the repair from the leak, and make the roofing contractor pay for it. i,m a former roofin contractor with 38 yrs experance

ok thanks, the 3rd party option is what I was looking at doing. This morning I talked to the boss and he said that the put the new felt over the old felt last night and thought they’d be more than safe I guess. But like I said now I have water in my attic, I just don’t know how much and how much is acceptable and will dry out. Not sure what it will do to our cieling over time either being its cedar.

Thanks again for you help.

Why the new roof on 6yo home?

Ive re-roofed houses that were only a month old. Not uncommon around here for someone to get a roof every few years.

My 1st clue that something was amiss in the roofing industry came upon me about 15 yrs. ago…

During “Hailstorm work” one HOT sunny day, about 90 degrees or so, I saw some “migrant” workers jump up on a roof and start tearing it off. It was after 4 pm. just as 5575 witnessed.
I thought it weird and unsettling at the time, but I came to see the production capabilties of the new “Super Crews” that drive down quality and prices for the industry.

10 yrs. ago it was $300 per sq. Then $260 w/ the 1st wave of economic slowdown and the unisured new construction crews hitting the homeowners for beer money. Now the Insurance Cos. and uninsured “SuperCrews” are driving us down to $220 per sq. amidst record rising costs …and the public is CONVINCED that quality won’t suffer.

I laughed (cried really) recently when a gutter company owner
bragged that they “don’t really do roofing, unless it is for $300 per sq”. “Oh” I said, "“2001 prices?” He looked at me kind of goofy like.

Sad that a gutter company is closer to charging a fair price than the roofers.

IMO a 3rd party would be in your best interests.That is another reason that noone that works for me will ever leave a home exposed.Felt,button caps,double felt I have 2 ways that a roof will not leak.

1.Never remove more than you can put back.,.,and 2.Never remove more than you can put back.

I had an episode that still brings shivers to my spine.,The only time I ever left a house under felt I watched the weather and no rain said the weatherguy.About 3am it is storming its a** off.I was 65 miles from the jobsite.The job was N.east and the storm was moving N.east from the S. west.I beat that storm to the jobsite.

4am I am on the roof tarping.I get the house tarped then the police show up.Noone found humor in the early morning tarp application.The only reason I got out of a ticket was the sky unloaded with severe winds,lightning and heavy,heavy rain.I vowed never again.

I would have a 3rd party.,not because you don’t necessarily not trust the contractor.,.,but to have another individual in your corner.

WHAT! Is there some law against tarping at 4 am?


WHAT! Is there some law against tarping at 4 am?[/quote]

It’s this goofy thing the city came up with.,.,Noise ordinance.,.,Popping buttons at 4am in a quiet subdivision sounds noticably loud.(Chesterfield,Mo.)

absolutely. disturbing the peace is a ticket you can get in ANY town.

True Jason,just being a little scar-spastik,

How common is it for a new roof to leak after it’s finished? I would contact the roofer that installed it immediately and have him fix the leaks. A friend of mine told me that this also happened after they had a new roof placed on their home, so I guess it’s more common than you would think.

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I would recommend a third party such as your friend or call your county bldg. inspector too IF you have a bldg. permit. In the higher heat of the attic it could have dried up in your insulation if your lucky. But since the cedar is not likely sealed on the topside it could stain or warp temporarily

Totally agree with Robert.