Glad I'm a Democrat

but my position on immigration is republican, clearly. I don’t want them here illegallly. If we can’t tax them like me, I don’t want em here. I register non-denominational, but what that means is I listen and vote what is applied to me, though most of my views are democrat.

A man installing doors across the street from me got my blood boiled recently. He said that Bill Clintons NAFTA agreement opened up untaxed imports from China… I said , “impossible, NAFTA means North American Free Trade Alliance, and that no republican I’ve ever argued with has ever brought this up.” I promised I’d do the research, and I’m right.

Turns out, the Chinese are protected from import tax due to the “chinese exclusion act of 1882.” My neighbor said how her job at PaylessShoeSource insinuated some sort of growth from NAFTA, and she wouldn’t believe me. I knew it not to be true. She will know it to be true from my articles of the “Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.”

Come on, lets not read propoganda and use some of our senses. Propoganda has a market as long as there is free speech, but lets face it, right is always right. The Chinese should face the same import tax as the Czech Republic or Slovakia, because that is what we are as Americans. Capitalists.


I see no reference to tarriffs, only to immigration. (click me… I’m a link)

No more drinky, drinky… Mmm’kay?

frikin hilarious! GO Bush! Finish the Job!

yeah, I went back to learn more about it after, and I saw no news of tarriffs either. Maybe I assumed that’s what it meant because it said “exclusion act” and I misinterpreted it. I was wrong and jumped the gun, but why are they able to have crates coming in without passing through customs? Or is my neighbor mistaken about that do you suppose? I looked and looked and see nothing saying they don’t pay import taxes or get searched by customs…

Personally, I refuse to talk politics on this site… there are plenty of other places for me to get into it with other people’s opinions.

But that’s me.

Welcome to the People’s Republic :x
Indeed the Bushes are among the Chinese’ best friends. They simply call them once in a while to see how America may serve them now. Oh well. The Dems are the same.

Ah, roofing elitists… Can you say oxymoron? I knew you could.

The world will only be right when I rule it ,until then the politicians of ANY party will keep it screwed up.

@ Severance & Gallant R, read the federal tax codes. Were the ones who are not supposed to be paying taxes. Income tax is legally and only applicable to foriegn corps and foriegners working in the U.S., and a couple of other more exclusive forms of income. So what we should do is make all immigrants legal and illegal pay income tax. = )

PS: From my understanding U.S Citizens paying income tax is voluntary. And when you fill out a tax form you automatically waive you 5th constitutional rights. = (

That stuff has been tried before Ridge Walker. Doesn’t seem to work according to what I see on the “Lack of News” programs.
But then again, there may very well be thousands of people quietly avoiding taxes and the limelight.

Maybe ask your lawyer if he pays taxes

I’ve read the IRS codes for myself, and there is “NO” law that makes it manditory for us to pay income tax. And yes people have been winning in court, but they’ve paid a heavy price for challanging the IRS. The question I ask myself is; do I want to pay the price? We allow the biggest fraud in history to be perpetrated on us.

Here’s another tidbit of info for you. Do you realize that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government bank at all. It’s a private bank, just like Bank of America, First Bank and so on. The Federal Reserve Bank is the only entity that can leagly print our U.S. Money. Our government gets money from the Federal Reserve through loans, which are not interest free. The U.S. currantly pays about 60 million an hour in interest to the Federal Reserve and it’s our tax money that pays the loans. All our tax money, basically nothing is left over. It’s all going to the Federal Reserve Bank. No wonder the IRS wants us to believe it’s mandatory for us to pay income tax.

Ridge, be sure to find out if the Federal Penitentiary you’ll be staying in gives you internet access - we want a full report on how the food is.

If you REALLY want me to find some info, I’ll post a link or two.

But don’t for even one minute believe the nonsense about income taxes being voluntary.

Ridge walker?

Someone get some links to the tax codes so we can see wha the deal is.

Yes, the banking industry sucks the gobbermint’s tit. Or vice versa.
That’s why I get po’d when I see banking employees, investment people, other goobermint employees etc hiring wetbacks and jacklegs.

DISGUSTING!! and nothing less. Prolly worse if I could think of the wordage. :x

Insurance companies hiring the 1099 scammers are the worst of the worst in that respect, twill.

Yeah right. You’re Bloody well right!

My first “submit” attempt said this spam; not sure why. Let’s see what happens when I modify the link description & add some text.

The Democrats have done a great job of running Taxachusetts into the ground as most small business owners would know, were the only state in the union to loose population,but the masses are asses and keep voting for the freeloaders. The Republicans arnt much better.


glad to be unenrolled independent.

What are your views on indians or should i say Native americans.