Going with 50 year for the look, not warranty

I am replying to an earlier post from someone who was talked out of 50 year shingle from a supply house - here are my thoughts from a homeowner!

I was told the same thing about warranty and such - Though, I WAS told to only go with a 50 year for the look. Because I am spending alot of money on my roof and plan to only do it once, I have researched many shingles and different looks (my wife thinks I’m crazy - for the past 2 weeks, nightly I am on my back deck with a beer in my hand looking at 10 different sample boards). I called my supply house and they gave me many addresses to drive by - after driving by numerous homes with 30,40,50 year shingles - I have noticed that the 50 year is a much much much much thicker shingle AND usually has a much bolder shadow line -this gives the roof a much much much nicer look. If you had 2 homes side by side with a 30 yr and a 50 yr. You pay the extra few hundred bucks (small amount to total cost) to go with the 50 yr.

The ELK 50 yr shingle looks amazing! A shingle looks much different while looking at a totally completed home from 50-100 yards, then looking at a sample board from 10 feet half drunk. In my opinion. the roof is just so much of the look of your house. Depending on the pitch of the roof and the size of your roof - it usually is about of 1/3 of the total look of your home! Go with the 50!

Thoughts from the pro’s!


The price difference between a 40 year and a 50 year is so small.

I do not know why anyone would use a 40 year.

I’m the one that was talked out of the 50-year shingles. This is because my roof is a 4 by 12. The high shingle profile (or bolder shadow line as you described) coupled with the low roof slope can hamper the shedding of water by causing it to run sideways instead of down.

Like you said, it depends on the pitch of your roof. If my roof had a higher pitch, I too would have gone with better shingles.

ah someone that thinks alike?,
that thicker look that some people associate with a better shingle
is caused by another layer of tar & granuals added to the bottom side
of the shingle.
maybe someone can explain to gweedo and the kestas how rocks
on the bottoms side of a shingle does anything other than make it heavier,
tear up installers fingers, make the roof look thicker.
ya know something really important.


I have never heard that a thicker shingle will hamper the shedding of water on a 4 x 12 pitch roof. I believe your are saying the water will go sideways instead of down, therefore, possibly causing the water to get between shingles. This could be a concern!

Can anyone please expand on this!