Good advertisement

hello, I would like to know what is the best advertising way if you are new at roofing business.

Job sign leads are good leads. yellow pages are overrated ,costly and can give you price shopper leads. happy customers talking to there friends is of course the best leads.

Get some really nice jobs under your belt if that customer is pleased they will have no problem referring your work. Word of mouth is still the best way.
With the internet being the new way to find what you need I would say to get your self a website and do some internet marketing to get your self ranked on the listings.
Invest in some nice job site signs and always place them in the yard you are at. Again this is like word of mouth.

In my opinion the yellow book is way over priced for the leads you get( or Really dont get )

Yea, I second the job signs. Cheap and people feel confident when they see you working all over. Exposure is good.

make sure local municipalities do not have codes against job sighns. they are a great way to get work. however they also say “hey building inspector stop here.”

Don’t knock the building inspector. They are a great jackleg repelant. Besides if you are doing things legit and are in it for the long haul you have nothing to worry about.

if a jackleg is a “hack” i agree. if you are not legal do not advertise.i love permits they keep the “me do’s” out. i hate seeing sheetrock screws in an exterior wall.

and i hate seeing deck mate wood screws in metal roofs

What, no love for CraigsList?

I’ve gotten a few leads from Craigslist but they are sent over to my Aunt who works the area the calls come from.

Got a job once from a visitor on this site, bid it at $2K higher than the highest bid and still got it.

Yellow book has only gotten me one job so far this year and two or three all last year.

thats becuase anyone that takes the time to get involved with a forum like this is probably a pretty dedicated roofer, which usually means better work.

I think we’re gluttons for punishment…

Plus, I like to see Gweedo’s craptacular spelling.