Good-Better-Best Roof Package Options

Do you offer Good-Better-Best Roof Packages to your customers?


What is your next question?

depends on customer

What makes your packages different.
Examples- Warranties - 3yr. - 5yr. - 10 yr.
Product- 15lb. - 30lb. - Synthetic.

Warranties (workmanship) stay about the same unless the Integrity Roof System is installed.My example of the Good,Better and Best is as follows;


10 year no hassle workmanship warranty.
Limited Lifetime,standard colors with standard ridge.Certainteed,Tamko,O.C
15lb felt
Standard pipe flashings
Ice and Water around roof penetrations,skylights and chimney.
Counter flashing comes standard not an option.
Pipes and caps painted to match.


10 year no hassle workmanship warranty.
Lifetime w/ premium colors option w/ ridge cap Certainteed,Tamko,O.C,GAF
15lb w/ 30lb in the valleys
Standard pipe flashings/Lead
Ice and Water around roof penetrations,skylights and chimney,
Counter flashing comes standard not an option.
Pipes and caps painted to match

Best; Integrity Roof System

15 year no hassle workmanship warranty

With each of these packages things can be substituted with the exception of the Integrity Roof System.

One thing I learned with warranties and packages is to make the counter flashing standard.I thought alot about it and in the past I would offer a limited warranty on counter flashing if the customer opted not to replace it if it really needed to be replaced.

Now the best thing to do is just replace it and figure it in and be done with it.

I have found it fairly difficult to really come up with a proper Good,Better and Best because of the vast amount of products available in the market today.

Basically what you are trying to do is build the most solid and functionable roof system based on their financial capabilities.Some have asked why I don’t offer or push tabs anymore.It is because I would love nothing better than to see tabs fall off the planet.I think they are junk and would not install them on my dog house.

So with the good,better and best it comes down to limiteds with accessories and lifetimes with premium accessories and best would be premium everything with syn underlayments with the designer series shingles such as Grand Manors,Berkshire etc.

You guys might laugh when you read this but this is how i do mine. 15 year warranty no matter what (no on recovers no warranty)

3 tab 30 pound felt
must use ice and water and normal stuff

30 year landmark
all above but landmark 30 synthetic felt
Ice and water per code 24 inches inside the heated wall.

Everything up there but landmark premiums 110 mph
Synthetic felt
everything is color to match boot covers and all with ridge included.

Im nuts and i know it the warranty 15 years to me is i have my local rep look at the 2 on the bottom and give all the 50 bs warranty that will cover me in case of a glitch since we get a few and they are built in the cost in the roof anyway. No one is perfect or thew whole world would be perfect. Firs one stating they are perfect raise your hand. I know im not.

All roofs get:
1.) New counter flashing (24-ga. Kynar or copper, depending on existing and where it can be done without negatively impacting masonry work)
2.) New pipe penetration flashings…lead jacks, roof jacks (pre-finished or copper), combustible air pipe kits are replaced if rusted or re-set / caulked / painted
3.) New step flashings (pre-finished, 24-ga. Kynar or copper depending on shingle selected and / or type of flashings used at rest of house
4.) New underlayment (match shingle manufacturer)
5.) New 36" wide IWS in valleys (match shingle manufacturer…add open 24-ga. Kynar or copper if necessary or desired
6.) Pre-cut starter to match shingle manufacturer (no turning 3-tab backward or trimming 3-tabs and pushing forward to eave / rake edge)
7.) New drip edge (pre-finished or copper)
8.) New head wall flashing (24-ga. Kynar or copper).
9.) Five year workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty. Sample warranty presented with bid for HO review (good selling point…provide sample warranty prior to signing contract…you’d be surprised how many HO’s are startled by what’s in or not in a workmanship warranty they receive from a contractor AFTER they’ve paid their money. If part of the deal, provide a manufacturer backed extended workmanship warranty.

Good: Typical 30 year laminate with accented hip / ridge trim (ex: GAF Timberline HD with Timbertex)

Better: Next step up laminate with accented hip / ridge trim (ex: CT Highland Slate with Cedarcrest or Camelot II with Timbertex)

Best: Top of the line laminate with accented hip / ridge trim (ex: Grand Manor with Shangle ridge)

Sure, some houses are not worth providing GBB bids. Example: rent houses where Owner specifically states that spending extra money is not part of his investment model.

But for the HO’s in the “right” neighborhoods (read: well off HO’s living in upscale neighborhoods), GBB selling works. You won’t get an upgrade every time, but you’ve already measured the roof and all its going to cost you is a little extra time and a little extra ink. Why not?

I learned my lesson once and that’s all it took. We put a typical 30 year laminate on and after the job was done, the HO asked me how much more it would have cost to do the Capstone that we completed 3 doors down about 2 weeks prior. I told him that it would have been about $3,000.00 or so more. He was not happy to hear that. He said if he knew that, he would have happily paid the $3K more and I should have told him. I felt like a jackalope. Duh…what do you say? I’ll have another slice of crow pie?

See, I assumed I knew what he wanted and I didn’t provide him an option to satisfy his then unknown desires and I lost out on making some extra money.

Lesson learned: Let the HO decide.