Good idea for advertisment

I just got a letter in the mail from a animal shelter with stickers in the envelope that advertise the shelter but have my address on them. I thought this was an excellent idea becuase now my next 20 or so letters will basically be an add for a company, and the great thing is I feel good about it. :smiley:

Got about a three month supply of them from a charity a while back.

If you want free return address labels for life (& don’t intend on moving anywhere else) then donate ONE TIME to a nationwide type charity.

Your name will be sold & then you’ll get return address labels, notepads, calendars (the rilly rilly big ones) & other stuff.

The trick is to NOT ever donate anything else again to another one of these groups unless it’s something you dig.

I’m going to try talking my boss into letting me make them for all our customers. Could really pay off I think.