Good News from "Purple House" with Roof Leak

While I was trespassing on the Contractors Talk Forum A professional saw my post and called. He came by today and gave the same suggestions that were given here. He seemed very knowable and we have hired him to fix the leak. I am going to take pictures and keep you updated on the progress. Thanks again for all your help and keep your fingers crossed.

BTW: I noticed that a lot of professionals who post here also post on Contractors talk. Since I was able to find a gentleman to help us and it also helped him find a new customer, I would like to suggest that you add a Topic/ Home Owners looking for workers. It could be that the Home owner still could not post for advice but could state their problem, Location and email. It just might be a way to pick up leads, and also help the person looking for professional help. I know that when people are in desperate situations they come to the internet for answers. Just something for the owners and monitors of the Contractors Talk to think about. :mrgreen:


Contractor Talk has a sister site for DIYers to post in and get the majority of solid contractors who go over there to offer free advice.

Also, there is a contractors advertising section on that

The end of your posting on CT gave you a message and a direct link to the DIY Chatroom dot com site.

Your suggestion would be a worthy point for me to bring up to the administrator over there though.

Thanks and who was the contractor? I was wondering if Tinner was close enough to you? If he was the one, his work is excellent. He is a true craftsman.

By the way, I am not a moderator on this site, so you don’t have to worry about the answer. This site allows HO’s to ask questions.


Good news indeed, I hope all goes well for you.

i have sold 3 roofs from this site.

I had one customer do an internet search on my co. name & it led them to this site; I have had a couple of other people make inquiries via this site but nothing concrete.

Some of you may recall, but I had one fellow ask a question on here & he had posted the same thing on the “Horn Depot” section of; I went out to look @ his flashing issues (new house) & while I think the flashing was for the most part OK, I did find that his valleys had been cut backwards, i.e. cut with the low slope side overlapping the high side, not the opposite.

That reminds me; I was going to do a valley detail. Back to Paintbrush!


I figured you were doing all those drawings in Sketchup.

How about an Idiots Guide To Paintbrush thread oh all mighty artist?


Yes, I realize these are somewhat racked. It’s not something I want to get THAT detailed on.

As for an “idiot’s guide”, I’ll have to say that it’s just something I have picked up over time. One of these days, I’ll scan & post one of my job sketches. I started out “in the trades” on a survey crew & my Brother is a Structural Engineer doing concrete work (he super’d the Miami Heat & Florida Panthers pour - set the location for Center Ice on the Florida Panthers job).

I guess my engineering background (however limited it is) has rubbed off onto my technical drafting & spacial abilities.

If I can get him to post them, one of the guys on has done a lot of funny sketches in PaintBrush; I might repost them here. Things like “Vince Young & me playing tennis on the moon”…

I’m not really that happy with the drawing; I should have made the view a LOT larger for more of a closeup. I’ll probably end up doing a new one.

good thing he didnt ask any of us
to help, seein how were all so busy.

thank god.