Good ole fashion way to get customers

Hey guys,
I’m New to the group, I’ve been in the construction industry for 16 years, started out as carpenter, own a plumbing company, and worked as roofer and done some roofing business for my brother.

I noticed that roofing companies canvas the neighborhoods to generate leads which I think is GREAT. The personal touch of allowing your potoential customers see the person behind the business is crucial i think. Many companies are using digital as well.

Let me ask you, when you generate a lead how have some of you nurtured that lead into a customer? Do you have a process?

My process does NOT involve giving some “internet marketer” any money.

Can’t beat doorknocking
We will never be too good to beat the streets.

Just education and honesty.
The rest will work itself out

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Just curious if you’ve had a bad experience with internet marketing or could share more? It usually involves a bit of a budget, but I’ve seen roofers triple their business in a couple months online. I guess the benefits are that you could target specific types of customers and really track how effective things are. What do you think are the biggest cons?

You made a new account just to ask? Smells of a canned pork meat product.

Well, I made a new account because I’m new. This is one of the more recent threads and I have experience with roofing sales online, so I thought I’d ask about your experience (which I’m still curious about).

I don’t think my question is weird considering the topic, especially since you seem to be speaking from experience.

These days, people buy make most of their purchases directly, or indirectly, from the internet. Most are sick and tired of door knocking solicitors. Door knocking can certainly be part of the approach to marketing your business. However, if you want to grow your company, there needs to be other parts. SEO, Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads are essential elements.