Good shingles to purchase

Just want to get a good idea of good quality shingles any ideas would be greatly appreciated looking for 40+ year shingles

Different brands are available in different areas, a location would help.

I’m from Ottawa Ontario the climate here is harsh in the winter can get cold down to -3035 and hot in the summer14 years ago I put on BP shingles that are warranted for 25 years now they’re already do just looking for something that’s going to last 20+ years if there’s anything out there

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Happy Canada Day! BP seems to struggle with quality issues though they are priced aggressively. If available to you, look at the Malarkey Vista or the Legacy. In your region of weather extremes, those should offer you the durability you desire. Wide heating and cooling cycles contribute to accelerated material fatigue and breakdown. The pliability of these products seem to lesson the stresses on the shingle. They have higher rubber content and superior granular adhesion. In our experience, Malarkey is the most enduring shingle product we install in Western Canada.

I don’t think you’re going to be able to get 40 year shingles. At the most, shingles are only 30 years.