Good Source For Dump Trailer?

I am looking for a good source for a dump trailer to haul away shingles.


BEaver Creek Trailers. Where are you located? They sell em all over the place up here.

i have a bri-mar. i will post pics tommorrow if i remeber. it saves me about $40,000 a year in dumpsters. but i also spend about $3,000 in tires. :x

I’ve got a PJ 14ft 14 yard 15K GVW dump trailer and it works very nice. Paid just under $6K for it in 2003 when new and it’s paid for itself every year since.

We’ve got a bri-mar too & really like it

Bri-mar, it’s work great so far .

I have a Bray Trailer, built in Florida. Bought it used. Works great for three years now.

Found it in the Roofers Exchange classifiieds.