Got new roof recently - Shiplap around vent falling apart.

Got a new roof 3 weeks ago. Cleaned up the garage floor after the new roof was installed. But then every few days I used to see some granules or wood shavings on the garage floor. First few times I thought they might have swept in from corners where I did not clean. But then eventually found that the shiplap around one of the new furnace vents the installed seems to be deteriorating (Pic -
Imgur: The magic of the Internet ). How concerning is this? Roof has a GAF golden pledge warranty.


It looks like there was a leak around the vent before the roof.
The hole looks a little wide.
Kind of looks like a knot hole in the wood just chipped off the edge.

You have tongue and groove 3/4 inch decking.
It is very sturdy and strong.
You are very fortunate.

I dont see any evidence of anything to be corrected.
Unless a fastener was driven through the flashing area where there is no wood.

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