Got snow

We had our first snow fall last night. NOt much but enough to cover the lawn. Just seeing who else got some. Also the roofs too.

We got about 4" wet crapola, my neighbors had the roof torn off and were sweeping the wet snow off the bare plywood. I sure would NOT want my roof going on now.

The ice and water wont stick on wet wood will it ???

Now they have the whole roof tarped because it was snowing so hard…

We have at least 6" here.

Got a few inches of the wet heavy stuff last Wed-Thur but it melted right away. The rain we got afterwards helped melt it.

The foul weather wasn’t predicted on Sunday when we pulled the trigger on a huge tear off. Of course not a drop of water entered into the structure. Those 10/12’s shed water rather fast!

 It was 75 and severe clear here on the central California coast today,I'd like to see snow sometime, last time it snowed here was 1976.  
I spent a while up on the roof framing in an opening skylight over our master bedroom shower. I cut the titanium off the area and when I went to nail it back noticed that it has shrunk up about an inch in the 30 foot length of the roof section....DaveB

got about 6 inches today.