Gotta love Mike Rowe!

Check out what Mike Rowe is saying about tradesmen.



I felt bad that no one said anything, but im just posting to say you werent ignored because I did read the article

That’s very nice of you Aroof! It’s okay if no one replies. As long as some read what Mike is saying and doing for the trades.

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the well financially endowned academics of this world may have tendencies to look down upon us mere tradesman but without people like us they would not be able to express their wealth through the immaculately built houses they live in or the nice cars they drive. yay for skilled labour!!!

Tradesmen/women are the backbone of any country…period!!

I liked that Blog Site Sal.

By the way…Any reason you are “Dirty”?

Just curious…


Irishman and kage,

You are right on with your posts. Tradesman are the backbone of this country. The infrastructure of this country is crumbling and we need to get it repaired. It will take skilled workers to do this. can help one get a job in the trades. That’s why I posted his blog. It’s a great site.

I PMed you once, did you ever get it? My “dirty” came from being on the Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe discussion board. It’s not an original screen name but it was the only one I could come up with.

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Irishman wrote:

Sometimes true but I’ve done work for some real nice down to earth wealthy people.

Some trades look down on each other. Even some in the same trades, no one likes a lowballer and yet no one claims to be one.

I like what Mike had to say about Ford. (even if he is the spokesperson)


Good points regarding how the trade people treat one another. It’s just human nature I suppose.

If your interested Mike, read up on the discussion board regarding the Ford topic. There plenty of other good reads there, you’d be amazed.

In fact, mikeroweWORKS and Mike Rowe himself is looking for tradesmen/mentor to get involved with his site and his PR campaign for work. If you are interested, let me know. I can get you hooked up.

Hope all is good with you!