Grace Vycor

A friend of mine asked me to come help him roof a screened porch today, like 3 square. It was low pitch so we ice & watered whole thing. He got Grace Vycor. I have used this stuff often on new construction in small strips for sealing windows, but never on a roof. Oh man. I looked like a dumbass. What is the trick to running that stuff cleanly when its warm? With regular water & ice or weatherwatch I just lay it down, tack the top, fold the bottom up and pull release film and let it fall into place. Repeat with the top. this did not work so well with the Grace. What am i missing?

Fortunately when i ran the 3 square in a little over an hour I did look like I knew what I was doing. But I sure hope no one was watching us with that grace. Oh man.

SO you looked like a shumck we all have done something incorrect at one point do nt worry about it.

You have to keep it taught and square to the roll.

I have found that this is one of the hardest things to teach a person.

With all I&W,I roll out about 6 ft,to get it straight,lift the end of the roll,and release top film, fold it under the roll,and same on bottom.tack 3 staples in center end,lift the roll and line it up with edge,and pull the film as the roll, rolls out,walking backwards rolling up film as I pull the the end I cut past edge,set the end and staple it off back toward the beginning end.I always let the ends hang past,and run my knife down the edge of drip edge like to cut and seal in one motion.
I hope you can get what I said.This method once you get used to it is by far the fastest way to apply this stuff,at least on a walkable pitch…

You do that with Grace, in the heat???

All I&W, It takes quite a few tries to get this method down(thrown away a few rolls learning it),lol but it can be done …

I don’t know. I’m just going to stick to tri-built and carlisle for now.

Why do you need Grace in Virginia anyway?

We don’t really. I’m not convinced we really need I&W at all but its code. Eaves and valleys. We get ice dams once every 5 years or so. And the shingle manufacturers have us categorized as north, but we are right on the line. I guess the line has to be somewhere.

try to keep the stock (i&w)in the garage or shade try to keep it a little cool.

I do it the way jwoolf does it, if it gets crooked
i just cut it off and restart it. Grace is supposed
to have the split release film on the back, but i have
never got it to release like it should.
Tamko moisture guard release film works to where
you can tack the top down, fold it back and pull
half the film off and flop in place, depending
on how long a run you have, and how many guys
you have to help you. The moisture guard dose’nt
adhere as well as the grace though.

Grace is the true Ice & water shield, the others are cheap knockoffs.
Grace is the real deal…

If you don’t truly need Ice dam protection use one of the others.
If you do truly need Ice dam protection you should look into fixing the cause of the problem.
Ice & water shield is a band aid for ice dam protection, though it does have its uses beyond code requirements…

or do like they do in florida w/ grace ultra, start @ the top & run em vertically.

I kinda do what jwoolf does.

We roll it out with the paper on to get it straight. Then with a straight blade and a gentle touch you can cut through just the paper. Fold the paper back a few inches onto itself for the part thats rolled out and start peeling from the roll side and rolling out without lifting the roll. Then just roll back the first part to your fold and unroll and peel.

I dont really use Grace often but mostly GAF weatherwatch and I gotta tell you, I do it a lot easier way than these guys are saying.

Im pretty sure JWoolf uses all GAF products so if he is using weatherwatch I dont understand why you wouldnt just put a few staples in the top, roll it out and straighten it, a few more staples and keep doing that to the end of the run then pull the bottom off from above it assuming you can walk the roof then go back and rip off the film on the top. If it is warm enough you don’t even need to put any staples in it.

even running it horizontally w/ staples the stuff still slides under foot.vertically is the way to go.

Bam, that is what I do normally. I tried it with grace, it DEFINITELY does not work like that. Weather watch yes. I use tri-biult more than anything and carlisle too.

Shangle, I havent used Grace in quite a while but last time I did use it, it was still all one roll. As in, there was no split on the back of the paper so you did have to pull it as you go. I just didn’t know if they have changed it yet or not.

Bam, they have put this rip cord inside the material that you can pull to make it a split release. It’s kind of hard to find but it’s there. I used it but it didn’t seem to help me much.

the rip cord sucks. i do really like the 12 inch rolls for skylights and walls.

and while we are at it why dose the weather watch backing paper on one side stick to the ice and water so bad? why wouldn’t they have that plastic non stick on both sides?