Grand manor

has anyone ever installed a grand manor shangle? just wandering if there is any good tips for them?

They look similar to the GAF Camelot which we did one of last year to the tune of $350 per square, 7 bundles to a square. We bought a shingle cutter for about $240 that I wouldn’t want to do without.

Amazing thing is they are not fast to put down considering the 7 & 1/2" course heights.
They are also so thick they (Camelot) are hard to shoot at normal speed.

But pretty once on they are that.

read and follow the directions


They are a lifetime shingle. So be sure your accessories are lifetime as well. Use longer copper nails and flashing. Install a new deck if it’s the least bit old. Also use valley metal as they are a very thick shingle and will not easily weave or overlap. I also recommend a shingle cutter due to their thickness.

figure out how you’re going to get the shingles up. Its a lot of heavy bundles.

Use an old pair of large metal snips to cut shingles.

They install like 3-tabs.

Be careful how you load them, the bottom edges can get damaged.

I cut them with a hook blade, don’t try to cut both layers at once.
They are easier to cut than people think, you just have to cut 2x, 3x over the laminates.
This is why the labor to install them is more.

These shingles cost around $3 each so take a little extra time for setup.

You need to use metal valleys with this shingle.

Your stepflashing need to be 10" long, I make them out of a trim coil @ 12"x4"x4".

Use 1 1/2" nails.

I can’t think of anything else.

We use 1"3/4 coils to install

thanks a lot guys.I have got about 15 square on now they seem to go all right,but not a big fan yet.

You do need metal valleys, and i would try and sell copper, cause they are supposed to be a lifetime shingle.

“You do need metal valleys?” Really?

Certainteed strongly recomends them. They may even require it with there heavy weights. I know GAF does require it for there equivellent shingles. They will also cut nice with a pair of sheet metal shears. when they get dull or gumed up just spray a little wd-40 on them and it will cut like butter. Grand Manors are a great shingle.

If you try to do a closed valley it will look like shit. the shingles won’t lay flat and they’ll be all bumpy and de-laminate.

One other thing i meant to mention is that certainteed either requires or recommends extra nails in the area that have the extra little tab. Check the installation instructions on that.