Grand Timberline or Prestique Grande

I am replacing a concrete tile roof. I am considering replacing with Grand Timberline or Prestique Grande. I like the larger exposure that these products offer. Is the quality of these two products similar? Roughly, what should the price difference per square (between the two)be? I realize that with a higher priced (and less used) product there may be additional markup. I just don’t want to pay an equal price for Elk if it isn’t the same quality. Any bad experiences with either?

GAF is better than elk anyday of the week. Stick with the timberlines. Just my opinion.

Elk was bought out by GAF sooooo… lol.

I’m pushing Certainteed these days, people love it. Regular Timberlines have a 5" exposure, Certainteed TL has 5 5/8" exposure and I think Grand Timberline is a 8" exposure.

There are other high end shingles like Grand Manor, etc. that have large exposures too. The Certainteed TLs are the best value for your money IMO.

Yea i keep forgeting but honestly certainteed is better like he said.

the prestique grande will be no longer in 90 days it is getting discontinued. timberlines (based on loacle) have different exposures. in central NY it is 5 5/8 (metric) unless you buy from home depot. if you want a different look from everybody else go with a GAF grand sequioa, but only from a roofer that has done them before. grand timberline is just a bigger timberline. i have personally never seen them installed on a house.

I like the landmark TL’s and the Grand manors.