Gutter install help, water going over gutter and not into gutter

I recently put up some gutters, first time, with my brother and while they look good, I followed the directions and made sure there was a 1" pitch from middle to each end down spout to ensure that the water would get away from my house ASAP. Did I go too far? I didn’t realize until after that the front of my house that was already guttered when we bought the house 2 years ago doesn’t seem to have any pitch at all and seems flush with the fascia from end to end, seems to work fine.

So the issue is that when it rained for the first time, which it was a thunderstorm and was raining very hard, the rain just went right over the gutters! I put in the mesh screens to keep leaves and debris out, but it seems as though the slope of the screens since I just shoved them under the shingles is too much and the water can’t fall in them due to the speed of the water coming down, thunderstorm. I took out the screens near the middle section where the gusher guard is. But I want to keep them in and the farther you go on the long side it gets steeper, I think because of the pitch, it’s hanging off the fascia, no longer flush with it at the end near the downspout.

Take a look at the pictures and let me know what I should do please. BTW, I know I need to replace the side with a gutter extension instead of having those elbows. Lol.

Here’s my main ideas to solve the problem.

-Cut off some of the shingles overhang
-Use some wedges/spacers to extend the gutters so more water can fall in them
-take all the gutter screens out.



In my experience, I would say the slope of the gutter doesn’t need to be that much. Pushes the gutter too far down from the edge of the shingles.

The terminating end of the gutter by the downspout needs to be extended to the right as well. Extend it past the fascia about 1" past the shingle edge.

I’m no expert, but this has been my experience when I ran into the same issue last year.

The cheapest
Thing you could do is push the screen down.
It wont be flat.
It will be a dome looking.
But if you want to keep that particular screen
I think it would be a great improvement.

Gutter is too low on the ends. A 1" drop would be helpful if you have the maximum distance between downspouts of around 20 feet. You only need about a 1/16" per foot or less drop from mid point to your downspout to get the water to run out. On short runs of 10 feet or less you don’t even need that unless you are turning a corner to reach a downspout, then it might be useful.

Even then you have to keep the gutter high enough to catch the water. That is way too low. When you have a 1" overhang on your shingles you usually can’t drop the gutter much at all if you want it to catch water unless the roof is really steep.

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