Gutters and Roofing quex

I am getting the roof replaced due to hail damage. We’ve gotten 3 estimates, and are leaning towards one company.

I have some questions, if you guys have a few minutes.

There are some upgrades that I want, and some that are covered. The rest? Questions…
The first is the inevitable “how do I compare these when nothing matches?” I think the answer is “they don’t want to match the insurance company estimate” due to the level of detail.

I’m hoping to get scheduled and installed before January, but we’re late in the season. Do people replace roofs this late?

Everybody recommends architectural (dimensional?) shingles. I’m OK w/ that, for a $100 or $180 upgrade cost (Landmark or Pinnacle Pristine). One estimate was +$550 to go from 3-tab to Architectural. :open_mouth:

Insurance company (Travelers’) estimate reads
“R&R gutter / downspout - aluminum - up to 5” - 120 LF @ 5.32 (unit price) + tax
All gutters replaced due to hail."

I am considering going to 6" gutters (“they hold 45% more water!”). I have re-read, and don’t see this as including downspouts. The upgrade estimate from our chosen one is +$120 to go to 6", but because downspouts aren’t covered, there’s an extra $870 out of pocket.
Is it worthwhile to upgrade to larger gutters (6") while keeping existing downspouts (2x3")?

There’s a covered code upgrade to include Ice & Water ($541). I kept looking for drip-edge, and didn’t see it. I think that the siding has metal edge (flashing?) that serves that place. If that’s not the case, how can I get Traveler’s to cover Drip-edge?

Estimate specs 15# felt. Everybody uses Synthetic, and they don’t itemize, so there’s not really a way to factor that in/out.

Last, we have a (20 year old) Lexan “bubble” skylight above the master bath. It doesn’t leak, it never has. All three recommend replacing it with a flat glass skylight + kit, for $500+. They all say that there’s nothing wrong w/ the skylight, but “it might shatter” while they’re re-roofing. Insurance company is “it’s not damaged, it’s not covered”. I understand that, and $500 is deeper than my pockets unless it’s a necessity. CAN the roofers install the roof and do whatever they need to for the skylight w/out mishaps or leaking?

I’ve called the insurance company 3 times w/ different questions on the estimate, but always asking about the downspouts and mentioned the skylight recommendations. Vague non-answers are basically “I don’t think that will be covered.”

Sorry for the long email, I am trying to be complete.

Thank you

Cost for upgrade to dimensional shingles is going to run $15 to $45 per SQ depending on the roofing company quoting it. I’d say $25 per SQ is fairly reasonable.

Shingles can be installed as long as the temp is above 40 degrees F. It’s possible to do reliable cold roof installs but I’d avoid it if possible.

Yes, you need new downspouts if you had 5" and are going to 6". Would rather defeat the purpose of having larger gutters if the downspouts couldn’t handle the flow. If you have long rafters at all, I’d definitely go with 6".

Drip edge didn’t become code until IRC 2012. So it depends on what you’re local code requirements are. Call your local building department and see what IRC code they have adopted. Most Travelers policies include Ordinance & Law. So if your local code is IRC 2012 or more recent, Travelers would owe for Drip Edge. Get your local Building Inspector/Super to send you a letter or email stating the code they have adopted. And if they’ll specifically say Drip Edge is required, all the better. It is required on rakes and eaves. Send that to the Travelers Adjuster and ask him to revise the scope of loss. He may include it as PWI (paid when incurred) which means they won’t pay any ACV amount on it and will pay when invoiced after the job is complete. Take photos, they may require that to prove it was actually incurred.

Get rid of the Lexan skylight. It isn’t a matter of it leaking, those things belong on a barn. Get a new Velux and you’ll pay it back on energy savings alone. There is actually code that could get your skylight paid for. Ask the local Velux Rep about it, they should help.

Don’t bother calling your insurance for consultation. You actually think they want to help you cause them to pay you more money? Seriously? And don’t be confused in thinking they have a clue about construction unless you get lucky and happen to draw the 1 in 1,000 that does. Find a local insurance savvy contractor to work with.

The reality is, a good insurance savvy contractor should get your downspouts covered. The argument is consequential damage. Since they paid to replace the gutters, they must also pay to replace the downspouts since that is a gutter system. You can’t replace the gutter WITHOUT replacing the downspouts. So they owe for it. Wish I were local, this all would already be done for you.

Good luck.


I appreciate the response. I actually hoped that you would be in any of the replies. I’ve been following through Roofing Talk and your replies are some of the best.

The Ice & Water was one of the PWI items. I will call the country Building Inspector today about drip edge.

I am calling the selected contract back today, to find out about scheduling. As the temps are dropping, I don’t know if/when they’ll have a period when they can install. That has me a bit concerned.

I will see if I can find a Velux rep, and find out about the Skylight, as that would help.

JOOC, how can a homeowner tell if a contractor is “insurance savvy”? It sounds like if I can find one, even if the estimate is higher, it would be more beneficial to go with them, and any upcharges may be incidental wrt the greater benefit. Finding someone who can justify the 6" w/ larger downspouts, and the skylight would be a God-send.

What’s your location? I network with a number of quality contractors who are very good with insurance work. Perhaps I can recommend one depending on where you’re at.

Chester, Virginia (about 20 miles south of Richmond).

Thank you

Had this one recommended to me by a Public Adjuster. 30 years in business, competent in insurance work. Don’t know them myself but perhaps better than having no reference at all. Good luck.

214-560-0999. [] Tell them Regan Wagh passed their name along.

Thank you, Authentic_Dad. They’re in Norther Virginia, about 2 and a half hours away. I can’t imagine that being a trek that they’d be willing to take for a residential insurance roof replacement.

What’s the typical travel radius for roofing work? 1/2 hour travel? 45 minutes?

I think they have some people that work closer, that’s the main office. If you don’t wish to call them, fine by me. I’m just passing information along.

Authentic Dad,
No, they’re on my “call list”, for just that reason - I didn’t know that’s what you were thinking.
I appreciate the help, and the extra effort.

The person who answered the phone said she knew exactly who Regan Wagh was.
The receptionist asked a manager, and she said to try Tideware Roofing. They do the Richmond area, and technically, I guess we’re in the metro area.
I’m giving them a call shortly.


I guess you had to go a round about way but the important thing is you got some help. If you still have problems, post here or PM me. I could walk you through this without too much difficulty.

i’m agree with Authentic_Dad

AD, I’ve been reading some of the earlier posts and looking at my insurance estimate.
Is the labor included in the line item? i.e.,
There are entries for roofing felt by the SQ FT w/ unit price;
There is “Flashing - pipe jack”, 2 ea, w/a unit price.

Other things look like there’s labor separate:
Remove furnace vent - rain cap and storm collar,
Install furnace vent - rain cap and storm collar,
R&R furnace vent - rain cap only

The roofer estimates are basically flat numbers at the end of a bulleted list, but I want to make sure that everything that should be covered is when we send the receipts to the insurance company.

Labor is most often included in the line item.

You “know” this company? Is that why it’s also your username here? Posting ads is not what this forum is for.

Thanks for made me realise that it’s not a add posting forum.That was my mistake. sorry about that.

Anytime you feel like your insurance agent is being too vague, or not covering something you think you need included, stop communication with that local office. Call the main branch, and ask for a second adjuster to come out. Have the roofer you want to use, already selected. Have that roofer meet that adjuster for the inspection.