Gutters, fascia, soffits - which contractor?

Next Spring I’m going to replace the shingles(tear-off), siding, & gutters on my house and also have aluminum fascia & soffits installed. From the standpoint of the roofing system, would it be better to have the roofing contractor (or his sub) do the gutters & fascia and leave the soffits to the siding contractor? Obviously the contractors will need to coordinate their work. Thank you for any help you can provide.


The Fascia and Gutters are part of the siding job.

If you split them up, you will have a job that looks like… [who knows what you will land up with]

Thanks Lefty. Sorry I don’t know the correct terminology, but can the flanges, lips or whatever of the new fascia & gutters that fit underneath the new shingles, underlayment, etc. be properly installed - by a siding contractor - once the roof is done? In a previous post of mine concerning the flashing in other areas of the roof, I was told that the roofing should be done first.


The gutters and fascia on residential ussually do not go under the shingles.

Maybe in your area it is common practice.

I thought there might be a narrow lip or something (on the fascia &/or the gutter) that sat on top of roof sheathing to help support or mount them. I didn’t think that the shingles significantly overlapped the vertical inside edge of the gutter. I just didn’t know how the fascia covering & gutter were mounted - just fastened to the fascia, I guess. Thanks for clarifying that. I’m in South Dakota where we get a lot of ice & snow - I don’t know if installations are any different here. Thanks again for helping me understand.


Since you are having aluminum facia installed it would be best to have your roofer install a drip edge flashing. The siding person will then have something to slide the facia metal behind. This will keep water from getting behind the facia wrap and rotting your wood.
Hope this helps.


Do you have any areas at which the siding and roofing tie in at a water-shedding juncture? Sidewalls, for instance, need to be flashed between the layers of shingles and installed under the siding.

I would install an apron instead of a drip edge into the gutter.

Thanks to you all.

AaronB - yes I do have areas where the sidewall meets the roofing. I understand what is needed there from answers to a previous question I posted on that subject.

I really appreciate everyone’s responses and would not hesitate to hire one of you if you were in my area. Your customers are indeed lucky to have you as their contractor!

If you could tell some of them. Not everyone is a happy customer its sad to say.

Some people are impossible to satisfy, regardless of the quality of the work. But for everyone else, I would strongly recommend that they do their homework before hiring a contractor. Think about what they want, research product choices, become familiar with the whole process, etc. Study the topics posted on this forum - an amazing amount of good information is here. A well informed customer should be better able to communicate with a contractor and better understand the contractor’s product & installation recommendations. And, hopefully, he will take the professionals’ advice & shop for quality work, not the lowest price. If he does all that, his odds of being a happy customer are high. Best wishes to all of you and thank you.

I apologize - I didn’t mean to leave out the sales people or consutants who contribute to this forum. As a group, all of the professionals on this forum are the best!