*** Gutters Sweating?

I just noticed today with the snow and rain on East coast. My gutters are sweating while its raining. This is in the front, back and the garage.
Any ideas… I do have the leaf plastic guards. I wonder it’s that causing it.


Sorry! I tried adding picture was unable to.

Please we need photos of this,how could you tell if gutters are sweating when its raining?


No kidding.

Ever think it might be rain drops?

He is just looking for and answer.Most people are clueless to this kind of stuff.

Just means they’re working real hard. You should be proud of them!

At the top on the front of the gutter the metal bends towards the back. Any rain that hits this will run down the front of the gutter and drip off. Now if its just dripping at a corner or an end or pouring off in any one area, then you have other issues.

Sweating = Leaking