This isn’t a roofing question, but we’re hoping someone will have some good advice on gutters.

For continuous aluminium gutters…
Company A uses spikes with “barbed shanks” and ferrules.
Company B uses screws.

Any guidance on whether one fastening technique is superior to the other will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This one is easy… spikes and ferrels are garbage, they back out of the gutters quickly ( I don’t know how quick, but they’re junk). What you want is the brackets that click right into the gutters, and you want them sixteen on center into the rafters. Nails or screws are both acceptable, but if theyre nailed, it is a better application (whereas each bracket requires 2 nails) to put the nails at a slight angle in opposite directions, so that their forces oppose eachother and they dont back out either.

P.S. If the rafters are more than 16 on center as is the case often on older homes, you still should have brackets every sixteen inches so that a ladder put up to the house for various services will not crush the gutters (a ladder is generally 18" wide).

spikes are a thing of the past. Go with the hidden hangers with wood screws. you wont be disappointed.


I install a lot of gutter.

A hanger every 2’ is the industry standard. If you ask me for a hanger every 16". I will accomadate you at an extra charge. I will also explain it is not needed.

A ladder will not crush my gutters.

Lefty is correct.

Thanks! You all are the best.

i agree hidden hangers every 2 feet

I also install alot of gutters. Theyre good, quick, easy, money-makers. To be honest with you. And one of the last pieces I needed to the gutter puzzle, Lefty provided to me (how much roofing can each downspout drain).

I can’t argue with any of you, since you all seem to agree with eachother. But it bothered me a little to be so different, that I called around to my best local guys that are friends of mine, and they all said 16."

Additionally, I looked for specs everywhere online, and I couldn’t find any concrete evidence on the spacing of brackets with englert or berger (large gutter supply manufacturers in my area). As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find anything addressing the amount of brackets, period.

The one thing in my favor, of all the gutters I crushed (and most I paid for, until I learned to put 2x4’s in them), NONE had 16" spacing, and I’ve never tried to do any less than 16". So 16 seems to be standard amongst the best of the best in my area. I haven’t seen differently yet.