HAAG Gauge and 20 yr shingle

I am HAAG Certified,3RSTimax Certified and Licensed Claims adjuster and have used the training to see things from the roofing contractor perspective.I work on the contracting side of the biz.Allstate is using the HAAG gauge to show that a 20 yr shingle is what is installed on a roof claim and if you look at the gauge it sure is offering a LOT of space to say it’s a 20 yr shingle.So I got to the supply house,and put my Gauge on a 25 yr Royal Soverign shingle by GAF and guess where it falls.Right there in the 20 yr area.Hmmm…Go figure.I think something is going on here and HAAG is misrepresenting the type shingle with the gauge.They have a brand new one came out last month and they reserve the right to keep changing them in order to keep selling more gauges.Here is a good link where the attorneys have demonstrated the efforts of insurance companies to deny claims where they were obligated to pay.propertyinsurancecoveragelaw … gineering/

Your comments would be appreciated.

Very interesting. In my region you can’t purchase a 20 yr shingle which seems like the insurance would pay for a 25yr, not!! I’m sure you are familiar with the atlas challet shingle. I’ve had mixed opinions by adjusters regarding compensation for the challet shingles. Some will pay for a 30yr arch shingle because they say challet’s were marketed as a 30yr shingle. But it is becoming more common for the adjuster to slam a gauge and take a pic and say they are paying for a 25yr. Shouldn’t the insurance pay for a comparable product but not a lesser product? Yes the gauge may read 25yr but if you weighed a square of 25yr 3tab and a square of atlas challet the challets would definately weigh more.

Get a spec sheet from the manufacturer for that Chalet shingle, take it to the Adjuster meeting and give it to the Adjuster. I’ve found they will pay for the appropriate shingle if you give them the proper documentation to justify doing so. Sadly, they aren’t going to do the leg work to find that justification, they will use whatever their shingle gage tells them to use. It is typically no different with Residential Building Code items, i.e., you need to supply them with the quoted code line item and some type of documentation showing that state/county/municipality requires compliance with RBC. This can usually be gotten with by doing a Google Search for “Municipality Name” building code requirements. Take a screen shot. If you can’t find it on the internet, call the municipality and contact the appropriate department. Ask for written confirmation on Department letter head to submit to the Adjuster.

You can whine about how Adjusters won’t pay for items you think they should or you can proactively take steps to provide them with documentation compelling them to do something. It won’t take long to figure out which of those alternatives yield results. Maintain files for these “justification” items so that you only have to look them up once and can then quickly and easily access them for future, repeat use. The vast majority of Adjusters will do the right thing when you make it easy for them to do so. This typically means providing the documentation to prove your point which they in turn can submit to their Managers. This allows them to keep their jobs and avoid butt chewings.

Thanks guys.
Took a pic of the 25 yr GAF and put a gauge on it.Sent to Allstate and she said OK.Problem is the gauge is INACCURATE.If a 25 yr shingle fits in 20 yr space they are able to pay for 25 yr.Allstate guy denied roof for wind damage Sat saying they would fire him if he approved! Having the atty for HO send a letter and we’ll get the roof.Kinda ridiculous how tenuous the in house adjusters jobs have become.Gotta tell us something about the Good Hands people.

HAAG themselvs will tell you their stupid guage is not accurate on a weathered shingle.

If anyone has ever seen a non weathered shingle installed on a roof I would love pics?

Can’t you just use the gauge on the area covered by the shingle above.Is it a different thickness than the exposed part? (of course you need a sample)

Take the shingle to a supplier that has someone that’s been it the biz forever. If they tell you its a better shingle get an ITEL report.