Had a blast. :)

Just got home from a parade, and doing another one tomorrow morning, we had a blast!

this one was just at dark. our float got lots of laughs, as the little santa was upside down in the chimney. We were the second company to register earlier this year, so we were right up front, 2 spots behind the grand marshall. great exposure!





closer pic of the float:


there was a TON of entrants. the parade was a couple of miles long. cant wait to do more!

Cool Jason!

Thanks for sharing. Love the Santa! LOL

Have a good one,

Dude- that’s awesome! Love it!

Dude, you are the KING of marketing!!!Nice job-Ray


Just got back from another parade today, then tomorrow, we are riding our motorcycles in the toy run for needy kids.

more parade pics:




I cant wait to ride with thousands of other guys tomorrow!

Nice truck but I believe it is missing a ladder rack or do you just fly onto the roofs to measure them?

The Tahoe is my wife’s ride.

The black 09 chevy is one of my partner’s work trucks and it has a removable ladder rack when we need the big ladders, but usually just lug around a 16 footer in the bed.

we decided not to put the actual “work” trucks in the parade, because they are ugly as hell. LOL

lol. A roofer with brains. Not very common.

speak for yourself… :mrgreen:

Guys, let me tell you a thing or two about ladder racks.

Here’s my truck.

Now, here’s my truck again.

Notice anything different? That’s right - 40 M.P.T. more. That’s “Miles Per Tank”. By ditching the ladder rack & getting rid of the air drag by using a folding single story ladder, I’m getting a MINIMUM of 40 miles more per tank. If I really go light on the gas pedal, I can get as much as 65 (but I have a dual exhaust & ‘cold air kit’, so I kinda like to whomp on it from time to time).

I think I look “professional enough” with the logos, so I don’t need a ladder rack to feel secure in my “roofer-ness”, LoL.

Rnach - Is the Xmas wreath on your truck or the fence?

Ranch- I’ve thought about putting a longhorn logo on my truck…upside down!

Just kidding!


did the ABATE Toy tun today. They expected about 15,000 motorcycles to show up.

yes. fifteen thousand!

The sheer volume of bikes was amazing. here is a few pics… i couldnt even begin to capture the crazyness of all the bikes on my camera phone.




The fence. These photos are about 4 months apart (took awhile for the customer to get his ducks in a row). The 1st one is in July & he’s had this Christmas junk up on the fence for over a year!

The 2nd photo was about 1+ weeks ago.

long bed truck + ladder rack + short ladder = lol

looks like u had to extend that ladder just to get it up there. :stuck_out_tongue:

The big ladder was on the house. Notice that the photo was taken FROM the house.



i just thought you were REALLY tall. yanno… cuz you’re a Texan and all. :mrgreen:

I like the single removable rack. That’s what I have on my Dodge. Usually with a full rack it takes at least 2 men to get the thing on and off the truck. With the single rack I can remove the rack myself and put my 5th wheel hitch in and have the RV hocked up and ready to go within 30 minutes by myself.


Great job on the parade float. We have a semi trailer(flat bed) that holds a local band for a Memorial Day parade. That is the only one we enter in, NEVER thought of entering into a Christmas parade. Thanks for the idea!

Merry Christmas!


We already got a call from someone who saw us in the first parade too! :smiley: