Hail and Wind Reports

Can anyone recommend a hail or wind report to use when looking for exact areas a storm has hit? I’m not opposed to paying for it as long as it’s worth it. I spoke with an adjuster last week and he said a contractor in my area showed him a blown up report that was laminated with hail reports down to the street. Not only would that be great to try and find Ins. business, but homeowners would love to see something like that. Any help is appreciated.

Anything Weather
Weather Decisions Technology
Live Hail Map

Depending on what you actually need, these are just a handful. If you want an interactive map of the swath of a specific storm, I would suggest purchasing a hail swath from anything weather.

These are very helpful buildpinnacle. Thanks!

Doing your own hail mapping can be pretty easy. I set appointments for roofers via phone and I map out my own areas. I use google earth and past the info from NOAA’S National weather reports has hail size and area. From what I noticed it matches up with most companies selling hail maps. If i can help you set appointments look Americas client referrals

There are numbers of information sites for hail and wind reports. The more detailed data/report you want, the more expensive. HailWatch, WeatherFusion, and StormAware. net - all good services. Like TheLeadMaster said, learning how to take the data and make your own reports is a fantastic way to save some money and time.


TheLeadMaster, do you have a website or email so I can contact you about doing leads for me this year? The site won’t let me pm you since I don’t have enough activity yet. Thanks.