Hail damage and policy inception

There is tons of hail damage on a roof, and after the 3rd party field adjuster approved it for full replacement the desk adjuster just sent me this:

there are indicators the damage to this property occurred prior to the policy inception and the status is that this detail is being reviewed for validation.

What can I do ?


Verify when the last hail storm came to your area.

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If the statement is true, you can use the active policy of when the event occurs. Check with your state limitations

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Where do you guys order hail reports from?


CoreLogic has proven to be one of the most accurate.

Insurance company agreed to policy without appraisal, therefore, claim of existing damage prior to inception is likely irrelevant. Got a good and confirmed hail date? If not, get one.

I agree with previous others that have commented.i cant see it getting coverage at all if this damage was existing prior to the policy. I’m interested in finding out how this claim plays out but I’d recommend hiring a public adjuster to work on your behalf. They can have leverage with insurance companies that us roofers will have in the claim.

If it was the same home owner with a different carrier than that homeowner can always try to file a claim with his/her previous carrier. I’ve done it several times with little to no reservations, knocking on wood I have never been turned down.

Curious whether insurance companies utilize a similar system like Carfax where they can access a history report of previous damage to said property, and the claims resulting from such damage, from prior coverages? It’s a clever tool used when buying a used vehicle and would be as useful for property damage in order to address issues like this. It would offer a verifiable testimonial showing whether cash was taken and the repairs were never completed. Hmmm.

If the homeowner opened a claim and decided to forego the replacement as long as it’s within the last two years you shouldn’t have any issue with the insurance company distributing the rec depreciation as long as the homeowner knows the first portion has to be paid out of pocket. Most adjusters don’t have an issue releasing that.

The homeowner can always say that they were unaware that they even received a second check. I’ve had this happen a few times myself.

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Yes. its called lexis nexis. They have every piece of information on you. CIA, NSA, insurance companies all report and pay for their resources. If you’ve made a call for a claim, it’s listed.

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Never thought of that path as a possibility to even consider. Very clever and thanks for the tip!

So you mean they’ve been collecting data on all of us over the years? I can’t believe it … Hehe. I’ll need to post this on facebook where only my friends can see this. :wink:

Well, these guys are brilliant and the name “LexisNexis” is downright intimidating. This is very cool although downright ominous. I appreciate your response.