Hail damage guarantee-who's better?

Looking at what Roofmaster and others have posted about the number of hail destroyed roofs, what company most reliably backs up their hail damage coverage?

Although not in all states, American Family - even some adjusters will admit that. That being said, AM FAM was sued by MN in 1998 over match issues. State (actually insured’s) won when Judge ruled in 2000 that AM FAM must replace any materials that didn’t have a match. After the ruling, all ins co’s followed the judgement, in MN and other states as well.

Last year, however, they came out with a supplement option that, for $30 additional per year, would cover up to $20k if unmatchable. Without it, no match, no pay - too bad. Still don’t believe in light of the previous court ruling that they can deny those that didn’t pay the additional $30. I’m going to confront MN Commerce on the issue and see what they opine then post their response.