Hail damage inquiries

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am a house owner. Our roof recently went through some hails. We have talk with two roofer company and they agree that there is some hail damage on the roof. Our adjuster, on the other hand, believe the damage are mainly from wear and tears.

I have no experience in the profession, so I wanted to inquire on what the next step I can do to see if there is any chance of getting the adjuster to change his mind. I have attach an image of the roof to this post (website only let me post one). And if it help, I also notice at least 5 house in my block getting their roof replaced due to the hail.

Thanks for your time.


To me it looks likely to be hail damage, however I would need to see pics up close to be able to say with confidence.

Where do I start to locate an independent contractor assessment around my area? Honestly, google mainly lead me to roofing company.

It’s difficult for people to differentiate good roofers from the bad. Where are you located, we have members all over the country (and some in canada also). While good roofers are able to work with your insurance company, I would stay away from the people who pop up and offer “free roofs”. They usually just sub the job out to the cheapest labor they can find then disappear by the time you have a warranty issue.

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I agree it could be hail and appears to be heavy density, however the vent has no dents. Not seeing anything on the cap shingles either. The north slope could be algae that disengaged.

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Some insurance companies around my are denying any hail damage on roofs even if it is there. The best way to get the insurance company to do the right thing is to take it out of their hands and go through the appraisal process. Even if it is hail damage and you get them to do a second inspection they most likely will still deny that it is there. Welcome to the great new world of hail claims. At least around me here in Texas. It is getting tougher and tougher out there.

What city and state you are in? We can help. Our company based in Dallas, TX

Kansas City MO unfortunately

can you email me the policy? my email is er.contractings@gmail.com and the estimate or any letter from adjuster.

I seem like your roof has been under several hail storm and the adjuster try to point out which damage from recent storm and which are not. The insurance only cover if it is under their policy period. That how they can deny your claim.

We have a contractor currently fighting the claim with insurance. Will give him some time to see if it goes through. Appreciate the help!

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We are in Kc. Century roofing 913-422-0099 been in biz In Kc for 30 years.