Hail/wind storm websites/maps

Was looking at Hail.org but want something more detailed and informative

Any suggestions???

What are the best pay and free ones that you folks have seen or used??


Our website has live weather/hail data on it’s home page and is free of charge not just to those who use our aerial measurement service for roofs, but for everyone. The information includes Live Hail Swath, Hail Probability, and Human Observations of Hail. It also includes hurricane data such as future tracks.

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I enjoy HailWatch myself.,.,if you are a FBK’r it is a great way to find out where all the action is and who is there and how good of a storm it is.,

I used hail.org but by the time you really find information about size and location its almost overran.

Not to mention HailWatch has over 4700 members.Lots of knowledgeable contractors,salesman and storm troopers.Plus a bunch of a**holes.,.,sorta like here.,Hahahahahaha

Plus you have Ross Hail who is telling where the storms are and you know its good when Ross says something like.,.,Basketball size hail in Hell," Just Swath it".,