Hail & Wind Swaths

I am looking into purchasing a hail/wind swath for my area and wanted to know if anyone of you guys have used a service that offers these maps recently or in the past that has worked for you. I have never used or even seen one so any help would be greatly appreciated.


We use anythingweather or hailwatch both the same thing.

Your familar with the term hail swath but you dont know anything about it??? :roll:

Tsethna - Thank you! I will look into those companies.

Robert F. - I am only familiar with the term because an adjuster mentioned it to me. Thanks for being a prick.

Oldtimer after i posted i noticed youve been around,a lot of these sites these companys will post on to draw attention to thier business thats why the rolling eyes.I apoligize but i find these companys to be very aggressive in promoting thier products online and thought it might be that.