HailStrike - Interactive Hail Storm Tracking

There’s a new iPhone app called HailStrike in the Apple App Store. It is a free download that is fully functional with test data, but requires a subscription for recent data. It allows the user to check hail activity in every county in the US and it is as recent as 15 minutes all the way back to 15 years.

**HailStrike **displays the path of the hail storm and shows hail diameter sizes as well. But the best part is that you have **UNLIMITED **searches across the US for 15 years. Don’t settle for buying a map of a **SINGLE **storm when you can track hail activity anywhere…anytime. Pricing for a month of unlimited searches is still less than the cost of typical charges for a single map!

Currently, **HailStrike **is available on the: iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

For more info, visit the website - hailstrike,com - and you can also see it in the Apple App Store! Check it out and get tracking!

Is this only available for Smart Phone Apps, or are the resultant maps and data available Online as well?


Right now it is only on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. We are considering an online version if there is enough demand for it.
Don’t forget, an iTouch does NOT require a monthly service plan from a cellular provider! It works off of available wireless internet signals. So you could go to Starbucks, run HailStrike and get your plan for the morning mapped out, then run it again at lunch.