Half of condo approved

I got a call yesterday from a lady who wanted a roof replaced and had a insurance check waiting. Great! Insurance work and I didn’t have to do the leg work… so I thought. When I arrived I realize this is a 2 unit condo, her Insurance approved it for hail damage however the other owner has amfam and was denied. I get on the roof, and damage is very minimal, if I was an adjuster I wouldn’t have paid it either.

Earlier this week I was on an inspection with a amfam adjuster and we where talking casually about a particular storm company who opens claims anywhere weather or not there’s damage. During this conversation he mentions he had to deny one half of a condo a few weeks ago and expects an escalation over it…

What do I do? I don’t want to push the adjuster since even i feel that there isn’t the 8 hits per square on the roof. I’m thinking like 3 reasonable hits at most.

This building has one 20 sq facet that is half each condo, how can I roof half without a liability at the middle?

I had the same thing happen recently. Went to the address and found there were three units under each roof and thought this is great I’m going to roof the whole place. Then it was explained to me each Owner had different insurance and they all had to be on board for it to work. “My” customer was the only one on board. There was no step wall/divide between units it was all under one roof. I tried to explain we can’t just casually roof the one in the middle and I didn’t want to warranty it if we did. Needless to say I didn’t do the job. Poor planning in my opinion not to have a governing body over a place like that so one decision can’t be made at once.