Hancock & Insurance companies

Over the past year everytime I meet an adjuster he has Hancock group getting on the roof to inspect for damage instead of the adjuster himself. What ever happened to the adjuster making the decision weather to buy the roof or not? I didn’t think the guy from Hancock has adjuster qualifications and is qualified to make a decision on the roof. If that is the case then why do they send two people to do one mans job. I am frustrated over this because I don’t think the Hancock employee knows what hail damage looks like, he inspected a 50 square roof in 4 minutes. I don’t think that is giving the home owner a fair chance of getting a roof. He hops down the roof , gets in his truck and on to the next one. They get paid per inspection and of course he wants to do as many as he can because he makes more money. Has anyone else run into this ? Ken

This is pretty common. Hancock, Trinity and a number of others.

First thing, go to your adjuster meeting with an estimate in hand and photos of all the damage you found during your inspection. Show this to the Adjuster when the Hancock Inspector is on the roof. Listen to what is said between the Hancock guy and the Adjuster. Check in your State if an Adjuster requires licensing in the state. If so, assuming the Hancock guy isn’t a licensed adjuster, he should not make any comments regarding whether or not the roof should be approved or denied. That would be acting as an adjuster which is a felony. It is no different than if you as the Contractor attempt to discuss policy or insurance law with the adjuster. Regardless, we have had Hancock inspectors overturned many times by showing our pictures and discussing it with the Adjuster and HO.

In the event that fails, have the HO contact the insurance company and ask for the manager of the adjuster. They should describe what happened (50 sq inspection in 4 minutes, blah, blah, blah) and demand a second inspection by a licensed, qualified adjuster from her insurance company.

That should be sufficient in most cases assuming there is sufficient damage to fail the roof and write a claim for a roof replacement. The other thing you can do is get on the roof and advise the roof inspector you are video taping his inspection in case there are any discrepancies later. That should insure that he performs a thorough inspection. In some cases, it has caused the guy to get off the roof and leave as well.

Thanks, I will try the pictures and estimate first , sounds like a good idea. In Mississippi you are require to have an adjusters license and the insurance company’s are giving the guy from Hancock there claims from the insurance company and he is adjusting the roofs without the adjuster there. That’s so illegal and wrong it’s pathetic, now the Hancock guy is thinking he is God .,Ken

Report them to the Mississippi Department of Insurance. Or better yet, ask every HO you have that encounters them to do so.

This is great information guys!

I am in the process of shaking some things up around here, Mr Hancock adjuster is is for a rude awakening and so are the lazy adjusters. I will keep you informed and a appreciate the advise. Ken