Handsplit cedar shakes

I would like to know what other members are using for air nailing handsplit cedar shake’s. (mediums)
Are you using staples or nails and what size and length.
So far I have been hand nailing all cedar work I get .
Any advise would be greatly greatly appreciated by my aching shoulder.

Jack, I mostly use stainless steel ringshanks, 5 penny siding coil nails for my bostitch siding coil nailing guns when I can talk the customer or general contractor into going the extra mile & spending the money on them. When the job is tight & no one will come off the money for s.s. I use 5 penny galvys for the same guns. If you run short on guns the nails also fit in framing coil nailers, alot bulkier & heavier though.

We use Sencos siding guns.

Kage, Jack wanted to know what your using for nails in that Senco of yours?

2 1/4" spirols, don’t know name of them…or the 2 1/4" HD ones…

Kage, are they stainless steel or galvinized?

both but mostly stainless steel…

Ya, same here. Mostly stainless.

2in sheating staples here. They hold better than nails. Never been able to upsell to stainless or cedar breather for that matter.

We used to staple a lot of asphalt roofs and never had any issues. A staple in the right place with the right pressure is better than a nail in the wrong place with the wrong pressure.

We are installing an 80 square handsplit shake job right now. were installing 3/8" CDX plywood sheathing over the old open sheathing, then felt , then cedar breather, then shakes at 10" exposure with stainless steel steel nails. all flashing we make out of copper coated stainless steel .

RooferJ, 10" exposure? Is that right? That cant be right? Unless your using them real thick pressure treated shakes, are you? With regular shakes on the sunny side of the roof Ive seen them cup, curl, & split after only one year with a 7" exposure! How long are the ones you guys are using? What kind of head lap you getting? With a 10" exposure you guys must be moving right along though. Just curious.

there 24" . We have to match how the roof looked before. In New England I also do not like a big exposure, I tried to talk them into Tapersawns put on at 5.5" but they wouldnt hear it. Yes we are moving along at a good clip, always do anyway.