Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all the posters and their families. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Holiday. And rememeber It is better to give than receive. Dont forget the guys that do all the grunt work during this holiday. They are the guys that make you look good. Even if it is a gift card it is the thought that counts. In closing, give from the heart not from the accountant.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

yep, I took the important guys that are a part of my businesses and their wives or girlfriends out to dinner, and I am giving my 1 guy a bonus.

Thats great to hear. I took the crew out to dinner and gave them all a 25 dollar gift card to the mall so they can get something for themselves. Not much but it was all i could afford to do. Not many sales guys do this. Hope you have a good holiday there G-Tape. Hey when are you going to send me a sample of that stuff?

No one else would like to comment?

Nobody else is in the Xmas spirit like you and I, gtp.

They’re all a bunch of Scrooges!!!

Merry Christmas, gtp!!!

poop on all the rest of you.

if it would let me take the poll i would also say yes i gave bonuses, & happy holidays to the rest of you. i hope that all of you get the red rider bb gun that you have been dreaming about, but dont shoot your eye out. :smiley:

Heck no, the ingrates…well I gave my guy a little something.


What is our long lost friend from the Southern border trying to say? :?:

QRFL well happy holidays there bud. Sent you an email i guess you are busy to reply.

merry xmas, and a happy new year everyone.
chris cringle aint gonna make it this year to gweedos house.
housin market crashed.
no rain in months.
but i still live in paradise and damn gratefull.

eyall next year.