Happy Holidays!

It is that time of year when giving is better than receiving. SO remember those who make your business run smoothly. This is my last year with Pride Roofing due to many problems with the partner. He is buying me out and I am starting a new company. But at any rate, if you can give something do it. Remember some of the employees live week to week and buying presents are hard so give them a hand. You will feel better and they work better when they are happy. Just a thought. God bless and happy holidays!

I am going to give my Salesman a nice dinner in an italian restaurant.

I am going to give my field supervisor a nice computer monitor.

I am going to give my roof installers $200 bux to go play at the casino.

And my secretary is going to get a $200 card to go shoping for clothes.

In the meanwhile since i am doing all of this work myself i am going to give the bonuses to me… :smiley:

Well it is giving to someone. Didnt say who now. But i do take care of my guys.

I was in church this morning for the Christmas show with 3 out of my 4 guys. It was a nice thime for fellowship, and good for their morale, I think.

My brother sang a nice acapella “Oh Holy Night”

I do not have anyone that helps my business run smoothly. 8)

I, as the home owner, ultimate boss :slight_smile: , gave the main guy who did my roof $500 bucks bonus for doing an extra nice job. The money did not go to the owner of the roofing business, but the actual worker who did all the work.

Happy Chirstmas everyone :mrgreen:

Aaron that sounds like you had a good time. Nice to hear things like that.

I’m giving my 2 guys Friday and Monday off with pay. As for bonuses, I am giving my full timer $200. He has been with us for about 6 months. I am giving our part timer a set of his own tools and $50.

I get my bonus after the first of the year. But I am going to have the guys work at my house on Thursday all day getting a bunch of stuff done around here. I want to build a toy room in the basement for my daughter…really its for us so we don’t have to see all her stuff laying around the house.

That is if we don’t get any service calls or ice and snow removal calls?!?!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

It was a very good time, Pride. I am glad I went, too. Now my kids want to start going to Sunday school.

Also saw some old friends that I hadnt seen in a bunch of years. Unfortunately, I am the only one that looks like he aged. :shock:


Also saw some old friends that I hadnt seen in a bunch of years. Unfortunately, I am the only one that looks like he aged. :shock:[/quote]

They must be single … :smiley:

yes I believe in taking care of those who take care of you. I’m going to takr care of the guy who works for me. He makes 10.00 an hour as a laborer he is a great addition to my company. I am giving him 2k my wife also thinks he should get it. He is my only employee. I don’t think I could find a better guy I want to teach him everything and pray when I do he stays. granted his pay will go up with hi exp. So maybe he’ll stay I pray he does

Sunday school. WOW. Im happy that i have what i do have and happy i can help others.

I am so glad I gave my guy the bonus I said I was. He was so full of joy and thanked my wife and I. I told him we did it because he deserved it. He told me that the bonus would make his kids have a good xmas. He then went on to tell me how his wife and him where praying something would happen for they are finacially stuck. I talked to my wife about it. We decided together he needs a raise so we decided to give 13.00 an hr.
He really does deserve it. I pray everyday for buss. to stay strong There alot of fly by nights here. so far so good. Like I said before I plan on teaching him every I can. I really like this guy as an employee. He has shown nothing but loyalty. I was just glad to help when I could.