Hardie shake claim help

Hello, I’ve done a lot of claims on asphalt shingles, but today a homeowner called me and he has a Hardie shake roof, tons of missing shingles from a wind storm. Anyone familiar with sending over Xactimate to the insurance company? Anything I should know to help me though the adjustment process?

Hardie shake roof? Hardie shake wall panels maybe but never heard of it being a roofing material. Best to get some clarity on that but either way, Xactimate “Bid Item” should do the trick. You will need to calculate a price for it and support your findings. Chances are the “Claims Rep” will be of little assistance on a non-standard item such as that and you’ll need to walk them through it in order to get what you feel is an accurate replacement cost.

With regards to sending to the insurance company, I understand you can link directly through the system and send it through but that’s a form of Voodoo I’ve never been able to sort. Print off a report, save as a PDF and email. That’s what I do and it works just fine.

Appreciate the response! Yeah they made roofing shingles out of the stuff, there was a class action lawsuit about as well. Okay I’ll try the bid idem, I know the replacement costs on them are very high, hopefully I’ll be able to find some sort of info from anyone else that’s done a similar roof.

Okay, I’ve never heard of sending it directly, I’ll save the PDF and email for now!

I’ve also found in instances where products are discontinued, it’s useful to include the bulletin stating so directly from the source. In this case, support the claim of “discontinued” from the Hardie people by contacting the rep and getting them to send over the bulletin or an email stating the product is out of service. Your challenge will be to offer an alternate of comparable purpose and notify your intentions to the adjuster and insured. Make sure there is enough funding from the allowance to pay for your solution. In doing so, you may not need to figure out what the cost was for something that was discontinued in the first place as this will save you a heap of research and useless cost calculation.

It’s been discontinued for at least 15 years and they were involved in numerous class actions. Be interesting to see how that pans out. There was also a Hardie Slate and it failed miserably as well.