Has anyone use roof sales mastery I will like to know if it's worth the time to spend the money

I and about to purchase the bussines owners package and I like like to get a feed back on what this program can provide for my company

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I have watched a lot of her videos and already knew most of the stuff she had posted. I’ll say it different. If you learn all she is teaching, you should be pretty good at supplementing. The lady knows what she is talking about. You’ll have to gage for yourself if being pretty good at supplementing is worth her price.

Have you bought the program?

I don’t need it, so no. However, if you need help writing estimates with Xactimate or supplementing, her information is very solid.

I’ve seen some of her videos and honestly it’s a pretty good free resource for beginners/new team members. I haven’t seen any of her paid material but she lays out a lot of the simple stuff in a non-intimidating and common sense way

I talked to Becca this week actually. I’m also considering it because I don’t know crap about xactimate or how to truely supplement. I do like that she has a community of contractors all in a group so people can give real feedback on potential issues you may have in the field.

I’m going to do it. Talked to some experienced roof sale pros that even learned a lot from it. I believe if one can supplement every claim to it’s fullest potential it’s totally worth it and a tax write off as well.