Has anyone used Ce-dur Shakes? from ETI?


I need some advice from anyone who has used Ce-dur shakes from ETI. I need to re-roof because I bought my house with the American Cemwood which went out of business and the closest thing to matching my new addition is the Ce-dur shakes. Can anyone let me know of any warping, discoloration, breakage, etc??

Thanks much for your help

Sorry, I haven’t heard of the product you mentioned. I am however very leary of “composite” materials. One look at all the the lawsuits against the company that made the shingles currently on your house will tell you why.
We only use Certi-last shingles. My advice would be to look into getting your addition done with true cedar shingles or a long lasting asphalt shingle that looks a lot like cedar. It’s my feeling that after reading about the shingles currently on your house that you may be looking to replace them sometime soon. Why make the same mistake twice? But as I stated, I don’t trust composite materials and new fangled roofing soloutions, I guess I’m just old school.

cedarbureau.org/certi-label/ … i-last.htm

i`m not familiar w/the particulars,but check tamko.com for options,or go to allied bldg. products website