Hatchet, Hammer or *cough* Gun


nobody uses a hatchet in these parts. most roofers have a 20oz straight claw. everything is guns but I started out hand nailing. no need for a hatchet nothing to hack.


totally a hatchet its like duck tape 101 uses

Those hatchets are terrible for sheet metal work. :smiley:

i like the estwing round head hatchet typically used for sheetrock when i handnail,but will usually use one of my bostitch guns

Bostich gun ?! come on, you got to try a Hitachi now thats a real roofing gun.


My guys all swear by the Hitachi green guns; my personal rig is a Ridgid.

I have 5 primary tools; a carpenter’s 20 oz. with a tooth below the claw side (for turning 2x’s of wood), a roofing style hatchet unit (no blade, just a hatchet end), a mallet, one large prybar & one small.

That’s a negative Ghostrider, hatchets are good for everything… Including getting your check! I’ve see it, lol.


I used to have three Bostitch guns, I would pull them out when I wanted to hand nail. :mrgreen:

Actually I used Bostitch guns in Virginia and they worked great. I moved to Alaska in 1998 and the Bostitch guns did not like the climate change. I switched to Hitachi and have been very happy with them.


come on guys, if you hav.nt used a Max roofing nailer, you don’t know what you’re missing…its a pure “cadillac”