Hatteras Shingle Replacement

We are at the NC coast and got hit by hurricane Florence. We built our house in 2015 and used Hatteras shingles on the roof. The only roof damage we had was some hip shingles blew off but when I went to order the shingles to replace them I found that Hatteras shingles have been discontinued. I looked on Certainteed web site and found that the the CedarCrest line would match the Hatteras product (I hope it does anyway). What has been the pros way to deal with Hatteras shingles when repairs are needed? Thanks!

Since it is cap you can use a different type of cap in the same color, the cap for your roof may still be available since iirc it is not exclusive to the Hatteras line.

Your local roofing supplier can help you with this.

Is there any way to fix Hatteras field shingles if they get damaged?

A matching shingle(s) can be taken from a low visibility area to repair a high visibility area.

The low visibility area can be repaired with what ever is available, Hatteras shingles are an odd size.

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I have a couple bundles if you still are looking. Pm me

I am looking for some bundles of the Certainteed Hatteras shingle in Weathered Wood. Will pay all packing/shipping. Thanks

What color are they?